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What We Offer

A comprehensive suite of services tailored for the construction and design industry. Your partner in building excellence.

Specialized in Building Construction

Expertise in constructing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Supply of Finishing Materials

Providing high-quality finishing materials to ensure the best aesthetic and functional outcomes for your projects.

Interior Design and Build

Creating beautiful, functional interiors that meet the unique needs and tastes of our clients.

Structural and Foundation Works

Delivering reliable and robust structural and foundation solutions to support your building projects.

Supply and Installation of Utility Machinery

Supplying and installing essential utility machinery to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Consulting/Technical Assistance During Material Procurement

Offering expert consulting and technical assistance during the procurement of imported materials for your projects.

Consultation on System Selection with Cost vs. Function Analysis

Providing insights and analysis to help you select the best systems based on cost and functionality.

Renovation Works

Specializing in renovation projects to update, enhance, and breathe new life into existing structures.

Our Success Stories

Exemplary Project Management and Execution

Robi Hotel, Adama

Completed in 2020, this project is a testament to our ability to manage and execute large-scale construction projects, bringing together functionality and aesthetic appeal in a premier setting.

Comprehensive Project Management

Oversaw all construction activities from HCB partition to furniture installation, ensuring the project was completed efficiently and on time.

Material Selection and Importation

Managed the selection and importation of high-quality materials to meet the project’s specifications and standards.

Advanced Systems Installation

Implemented key systems including a full air conditioning system, water treatment system, fire alarm system, centralized hot water system, and CCTV camera system to enhance the functionality and safety of the facility.

ROMEL Head Quarter, Addis Ababa

Showcasing our capability to manage and deliver complex, multi-functional buildings with precision and quality.

Comprehensive Project Oversight

Managed and supervised various aspects of the construction including woodwork, ceramic, gypsum, aluminum cladding, and aluminum partitions.

Head Office and Showroom Completion

Ensured the overall completion of the head office and electric appliance showroom, maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.

Multi-functional Building

Overseeing the construction of a 15-story building with 2 basements, incorporating a head office, electric appliance showroom, and apartment hotel.

High-quality Finishes

Ensured the application of top-tier finishes and materials, including woodwork and ceramics, to meet the client’s expectations.

Strawberry Jam Factory, Mojo

Demonstrating our expertise in managing and constructing large-scale industrial projects with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Extensive Project Management

Successfully managed the construction of the Mojo Strawberry Jam Factory, ensuring all project milestones were met efficiently and effectively.

Large-scale Construction

Oversaw the construction of a factory warehouse covering over 1,200m², designed to optimize production and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Compound Development

Developed a 6,000m² compound area, including infrastructure and facilities to support the factory's operations.

High Standards of Quality

Ensured the use of high-quality materials and construction practices to meet the rigorous standards required for food production facilities.

Residential Building, Addis Ababa

Exemplifying our commitment to developing high-quality residential buildings in Addis Ababa, with a focus on comfort, style, and functionality.

Townhouse Residential Development

Managed the construction of townhouse residential buildings, ensuring high-quality standards and timely completion.

G+2 Residential Building

Oversaw the development of G+2 residential buildings, focusing on structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Prime Location in Addis Ababa

Executed projects located in prime areas of Addis Ababa, enhancing the living experience with well-planned and executed residential buildings.

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